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The globalised and integrated world economy has thrown up unique opportunities for the Medical and Dental service industry. India has reaped this benefit in terms of being able to provide medical and dental services at a fraction of the cost charge in the depressed western economies. The training, skill and experience of Indian dentists combined with their ability to provide dental services quickly and at a very reasonable cost has put India on the map for dental tourism. The teeming city of Ahmedabad is well connected and equipped to satisfy visiting patients.

Dental tourism is a concept to obtain dental treatment across international borders. In countries like US, Europe and Far East countries, dental treatment is frightfully expensive. Therefore India is a good place to get your dental treatment done along with enjoying lovely sightseeing throughout India.

Due to high cost in home countries, patients are increasingly looking for treatment options in India which offer similar or even better dental services, at rates that are much more affordable. As far as the cost of dental treatment is concerned, India offers the most competitive dental treatment packages to the world. More over India has best available equipments and devices as well. Millions of people travel across the globe & come to India for dental treatments & enjoy their holidays too.Dental treatment in other countries has a waiting period of several months for certain dental procedures. Whereas in India, it is easier to get appointments promptly. Therefore people prefer to travel to India for such treatment, rather than wait for months in their home country.

Dental procedure

Cost in USA ($)

Cost in India ($)

General Dentist

Top End Dentist

Top End Dentist

Smile designing



Metal Free Bridge (3 Unit)



Dental Implants



Porcelain Metal Bridge (3 Unit)




Porcelain Metal Crown




Tooth impactions




Root canal Treatment




Tooth whitening




Tooth colored composite fillings




Tooth cleaning




* These figures do not suggest the actual cost. Actual cost of treatment varies from case to case.

Agarwal’s Dental Clinic is one of the leading dental centers in Ahmedabad that caters to and understands and treats a large number of the expatriate/NRI community that live there and also dental tourists from all parts of the world. Our infrastructure is of international standards and our staff is adequately trained to deal with all the requirements of visiting patients such as smile design, implant dentistry and dental laser treatments.We maintain a strict hygiene sterilization protocol at our clinic .

We practice international quality dentistry including CAD/ CAM technology for dental implants, lasers and high end cosmetic dentistry.Overn and Above All 16 years of dentistry also gives us an edge!

For your travel arrangements our friendly front desk would be happy to help.

Visa, Travel and Accommodation requirements

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Shahibaug Clinic:
B/7-10, Manibhadra Enclave,
Opp. Rajasthan Hospital,
Shahibaug,  Ahmedabad 380 004,
Gujarat, INDIA

Satellite Clinic:
104/B, 1st floor
Sheetal Varsha Mall
Shivranjani Cross Road,
Satellite, Ahmedabad 380 004,
Gujarat, INDIA

Languages spoken

Our clinic staff is able to assist you in English, Hindi and Gujarati.

Incredible India!

We will try all out to make sure your visit to Agarwal’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic, Implant & Laser Center is a pleasure, we invite to visit incredible places in India, in particular Gujarat state.

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